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How to manage the day and age of Virtual Learning.

I would have never guessed in 2020 that I would be in the middle of a pandemic, that if anyone gets remotely 6 feet too close to me I may backhand them, or that I would be working from home while my kids in the other room, going to school online. Lord, this was not my prayer for things to be different in 2020!

To all my parents out there- WE ARE GOING TO GET THROUGH THIS!

I know, like me, you may be pulling your hair out or trying to work and fit in not only the stresses of this world, but how on earth can you pull this off?! Please BREATHE you are not alone. Virtual learning is new to us all, most importantly to your child/ren. If anything be forgiven and patient as they adjust to the social norms of it all because this is affecting them more than you know.

The FIRST thing you should do is to create a space for your child to do his or her work. A space other than their bed or the couch if you can. You want this space to be somewhere they know this is school time, not a hangout or chill time. It should be a quiet space with very few distractions and also visible for you to monitor progress and to encourage good study habits.

The next thing you should do before class or I like to do this on Sunday before the school week start, is to go over with your child and map out their work for the week or day. Most kids now have agendas and the teacher should be sending out what the GOAL IS FOR THE WEEK. In doing this, this is preparing you and your child for what is expected of them. This is also a good way to start forming those organization skills so your child can be prepared and ready and you can hold them accountable.

The third most important is to SET A SCHEDULE, I cant stress this one enough! Most of the schools already ,for virtual learning have set schedules for your child for each class or classes. It's very important to follow the schedule but also be mindful of the time outside or in between the classes. Make sure to set up time for snacks, quick mental breaks and lunch. Have your child get up from their study place, move around, and go outside for some fresh air. You have to stop and think what times work with your child and family and incorporate that into the day.

The FOURTH thing you should always at best, prepare your child for their day ahead. Even though we are all working and going to school from home, having your child get up and get dressed as though they are going to school in person, can help them take their studies more seriously and accomplish more. They will be ready to learn, well rested, clothed, and fed!

The fifth thing use a checklist. If your child struggles with focusing or maybe just need to see ahead what should be done and expected, a visual checklist can focus all their energy on the task at hand and they will CRUSH IT! ( you can buy an inexpensive dry erase board at the dollar store or five below to write out the checklist)

The LAST and certainly not the least of the list be flexible, and be patient with your child and yourself. This is all new to everyone. You are seeing your child in a new light that you are not used to and vice versa. I know you did not sign up to be a full time teacher. You may be wondering, if you are doing things right or what else can you do to better your child through these unforeseen times? Im here to tell you, you are doing a great job! The best thing you can do is set your child up to be the best they can be, for what you have for them, in this moment. Find your balance and you will find your peace in this. This too shall pass and soon we will all look back on this and either laugh, cry, or do both! But we will not be defeated! You will be stronger because of this, your child will be more independent and stronger because of this. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, be kind and always forgiving to yourself through this process.

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