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The Importance of Self Love

While many of us will sing or hashtag "self love is the best love" under a cute pic on IG or FaceBook, but do we really know the importance of having self love? We are aware that having self love is the BEST love, but having a warm buff body, good dxck, wine and mediocre conversation will have us ALL forgetting who we are! I've sat with myself long enough to realize, I matter just as much. At times we can get so caught up with everyday life, throwing ourselves in relationships with nothing in return, giving ,gIvInG, GIVING until there is nothing left.

It is important to love yourself, not only is it healthy, but it also sets the tone for all the relationships you will encounter. How you love yourself is, how you teach others to love you. How can you be in a relationship but don't know how you want to be loved or treated? You have to stop thinking if you pour your all into someone or something you will get the same thing in returned, but realize at times you can be a little selfish when it comes to yourself. You owe yourself the LOVE that you so freely give to other people. You owe yourself TIME, the time to sit with yourself to see what it is that you want out of this thing we called life. You owe yourself PATIENCE, the patience no matter what you are going through or what you have been through to- just get through it. You owe yourself KIND words, kind words to speak over yourself when you feel as though you did that one stupid thing you said you wouldn't do again. You owe yourself to BE, be the best version of yourself in all that you do.

The same energy that we can give to that guy/girl who caught our eye, we can use that same energy and pour into ourselves. You can't forget about yourself. You only have one body, one mind, one soul. How you treat it and how other's treat you is solely up to you.

Here are 4 agreements of self love that you should always remember:

  1. Be Impeccable with yourself❣️~do for yourself like you would for others.

  2. Don't take things so personally❣️~ Everything isn't about you, but everything about the person who is saying things. You can't control other people only yourself.

  3. Don't make assumptions❣️ ~ Everybody doesn't think like you, neither can anyone read your mind. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH.

  4. Always do your best❣️~ With your actions you make things real; TAKE ACTION

***Do you know how to love yourself, like really really love yourself? What does that love look like for you? If you can't answer that join me Saturday September 19, 10am EST for a "Cup of Tea" where we will dive deep on what self love can look like and a 7 day self- love challenge! ( Subscribe to the website for the Zoom meeting code) SIT. SIP. ENJOY

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