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In Love and Life, there is no going back!

Often In life it's easy to look back. It's the place where we have already been, the experiences we have "so-called" mastered, our very own safe place. The fear of the unknown is in fact REAL. We must not allow that fear to keep us STUCK---looking back. In love we go back to the history of the love. I'm not saying that's not important for having history with someone it's vital nowadays. History has a funny way of repeating itself. If we take a look back and look at the bigger picture: Are we going back to that "lost love" out of loneliness, the fear of starting over, or let's face it, BOREDOM? I'm guilty of going back to what I thought was more comfortable, only to be hurt over and over again. Let's choose Happiness over History! Your happiness and your sanity is more important than repeated hurt history. In Love and Life, there is no going back---only FORWARD. We learn from the past to show us a way to build the future. A future full of Love, Peace, Light, and Prosperity. We can't have all of those things if we are held down by past hurts, by continuing to look back with excuses. Will you choose happiness over history with me? Let's walk this journey together! You READY?!

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